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Album with both songs, and audiobook narrated by Ria Jones, now available!


Once I'd decided to self-publish The Boy Who Wanted to Rock, I thought it might be fun to record a few songs to help promote the book. Somehow I managed to assemble a veritable supergroup (excluding myself), comprised of friends and colleagues, some of my favorite people in the industry.

Lead Vocals: Justin Matthew Sargent


Guitar, Backing Vocals: Tim Quick


Drums: Jamey Tate


Bass: Roland Guerin


Keyboards: David Weiser

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He Wants to Rock

He Wants to Rock | The Boy Who Wanted to Rock (2020)
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Written By: Tim Quick and David Weiser

Produced By: Tim Quick

Mixed and Mastered By: Tristan Leral

Video By: Dan Dabek

Feeling down when he first tries

Six strings and dreams of a tour

Strum that axe* and you realize

It takes more than you bargained for


Don’t back down and

You’ll go far


He wants to rock and roll but he don’t know how

We’re gonna show you what you are

He’s gonna learn to play, and it all starts now

We’re gonna break the rules and make him a star! 


Kicked over the hi-hat

He can hardly even reach the ride

Who cares? You’re a cool cat

You can always find a good beat inside


Don’t back down and

You’ll go far


He wants to rock and roll, he’s got lots to prove

He’s bottled lightning in a jar

He’s gonna lay down a groove and make people move

When we break the rules and make him a star! 


Day after day and slow

Break down each piece then grow

In time you’ll get faster

Work hard til it’s mastered yeah!


He wants to rock and roll - and he’s learning now!

Someone get this kid a guitar!

He’s gonna make us say “wow” and he’ll take a bow

Once we break the rules and make him a star!


[* Axe = instrument] 

The Practice Song